Symbolic Weddings
Simple or sophisticated, casual or formal or full of mystique, your ceremony will be unforgettable…

“Because when two people love each other, the universe smiles, and blessings pour”

The ceremony; the most important part of the wedding

Simple or sophisticated, formal or informal, sober or mystical, your ceremony will be unforgettable….

When tow people love each other, the Universe smiles and blessings pour.

This is why I want to offer you the creation and conduction of your personally crafted ceremony, exactly as you have imagined, your guests feel welcome and happy to share with you the beginning of a new cycle in your lives. 

The idea is to tell your story in a way that reflects your love all along the ceremony, which will be unique, as every couple is.

Why choose a celebrant to perform your wedding?

Because nowadays not everybody follows a religion, or maybe you do, but you do not want a religious wedding.

A Spiritual Ceremony is centered in the beliefs and wishes of the couple, in a warm and happy ambiance, surrounded by those who are special, creating a meaningful moment, centered in your wish to join your souls